Educational Session IV

Friday, May 22 - 10:45 am - 12:00 pm

Video worth Saving: Identifying and Preserving Archival Film and Video

Paul Calardo of Scene Savers will lead a mini-workshop on identification of historical media and common problems encountered by archivists working with media in their collections. He will explain the digitization process for different types of media and importance of digitizing media before a total loss of content due to deterioration. Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss media digitization projects in their own institutions.

Reimagining Student Engagement in The Archives

This panel aims to explore three distinct and innovative ways that students have been introduced to and interacted with archives and archival materials. The first presentation looks at a nine-year partnership between Abilene Christian University’s Special Collections and Archives and a historical methods course, the second presentation looks at a program in its third year that introduces incoming freshmen at Stephen F. Austin State University to archival research as part of a freshman success course, and the final presentation examines a recent collaboration between University of North Texas Special Collections and a studio art course that asks students to examine the archives as material for inspiration on artistic projects. Although each of these projects differ in focus and desired outcomes, each one can offer insight into inventive ways to reach undergraduate and graduate students and expose them to primary source material while also increasing their understanding of the archives and primary source literacy.

Building a Web Archiving Community in the Southwest

This roundtable session will provide an interactive opportunity to start and continue conversation around web archiving in the Southwest region, bringing people together to share skills, stories, and resources. Presenters will provide a recap of high-level discussion points that arose in the November 2019 Web Archiving Texas (WATX19) meeting and foster a discussion about the challenges and opportunities currently presented in web archiving, offering attendees a better understanding of what is happening with web archiving in the Southwest and discussion about future collaborations in the region. Attendees do not need to have prior web archiving experience or a current web archiving program for this session, as we will discuss challenges and strategies in starting a program.

Supporting OA Through Library Budgets

In this session, library leaders will discuss their institutions’ agreements with scholarly publishers such as Elsevier, ACM, the Royal Society of Chemistry, and Sage by which library funding supports making publications available through open access.